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Breeder selection is done in four times


Breeding birds are selected four times, and strict control is required to increase the hatching rate.
For the first time, choose chicks that are large, free of variegated fluff, and lively for the first time; ducks need to be raised to 8 weeks to 10 weeks of age; goose should be carried out after brooding, and choose well-developed, no variegated feathers Of reserve.
For the second time, select chickens at the age of 35 to 45 days, and choose a breed with a well-developed crown, bright red color, and larger body weight (especially the crown size of laying chickens has a significant positive correlation with the size of the testicles); ducks Choose for the second time between 6 months and 7 months of age. Choose a larger head, a thick neck, large eyes, a wide and straight beak, a long and wide body, tight and shiny feathers, healthy and strong, and obvious secondary sexual characteristics (Under normal circumstances, ducks can be selected twice); geese should be selected from 70 days to 80 days old, and individuals with small size, poor development, and leg injuries should be eliminated.
The third selection of chickens is carried out one week before the transfer. Choose large, well-developed roosters with plump feathers and bright red crests; gooses are usually selected for the third time before the birth, that is, 150 days to 180 days old. .
The fourth selection The artificial insemination males should be trained in semen collection from 27 weeks to 28 weeks of age, and males with large semen volume and good semen quality should be selected.

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