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Equipment selection for ecologically free range chickens


Ecological free-range chicken is not a self-extinguishing extensive operation, but an intensive breeding management model, so infrastructure is very important. The infrastructure mainly includes water supply, power supply, roads, fences, brooding houses, chicken houses, mobile sheds, awnings, perches, egg-laying nests, food troughs, drinking fountains, insect traps, cages, vehicles, and anti-theft equipment. Wait.
Site layout
The stocking site requires a living management area, a production area and a harmless treatment area. Generally speaking, the living management area is located in the upwind direction, and the office and worker living areas should be free from feed dust, fecal odor and other waste pollution as much as possible. The production area is divided into several communities with a certain distance according to the size and feeding batch, mainly including the brooding area. The free-range house is built in the middle of the chicken activity range, and the activity radius is not less than 180 meters. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the roads in the field and clean up the pollutants in time. The harmless treatment area is located in the low-lying place in the leeward direction.

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